Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 21,2012
I laugh as I have sat down several times to get up to date and post here but I'm sure you can all agree how easy it is to get sucked in by the computer and I start surfing, do a few emails, check pinterest, go on FB, and whatever distrations come my way until my computer time is gone and I still haven't posted on my blog. It seems to be a reoccuring theme. Speaking of which, my Pinterst account is under my name Cassie Donlen if you have any desire to see my pins. I'm not super active as it is a big time sucker but I do love this site more than I care to admit. While we are speaking about different cool sites. I love Instragram. I take a lot of my bead and jewelry photos with this app so if you care to see any of my pics that I may or may not share here on the blog or FB, then you can find me here under "cassiedonlen" if you care to follow me.
So since I've posted, things have been the same normal busy. It is super hot and the drought has been reaching us too. It looks like this week is supposed to be in the 103-105 degree range again. The kids have finished up their summer swim team and had a great season. Now it is back to their regular year round swim team and they are in the 50 meter pool for long course and the practices are more of a 2 hour long hard challenge than the 45 min practice with many game days at the summer league. They have a meet on Monday and Tuesday night which means I have to work as a timer for 4 hours on the side of the pool. Which is fun as you are in the action but killer on your feet. Caiden and Connor are doing an Apple Camp at the Apple store next week where they teach the kids how to do iMovie and some other fun stuff for 3 days. It is a free camp and has great reviews.
I also drove up to Chicago last weekend to take a bronze metal clay class with Gail Crosman Moore that was a lot of fun. I'll post about that next time.
In the mean time, I said that I would post about what I mailed Jennifer Davies-Reazor for the Bead Soup Swap. The big reveal for us is I think next Saturday. So in all my spare time:-) I wanted to reveal how I prepared getting her beads ready to ship. I had a little helper for part of the job. You gotta watch the video below to see what I mean.
Click the 30 second video below to see me getting Jennifer's beads ready to ship to her.

Here are some photos of what I mailed her. I can't wait to see her creations. I have a confession that I was starting to covet the beads that I sent her and I had to make a duplicate set for me.

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