Wednesday, July 25, 2012

June 28, 2012
Crazy heat wave we are having. The weather forcast for today is 108 degrees. I don't think I ever remember seeing a forcast that high. I keep saying we should just move to Florida by the beach as it can't be any hotter in the summer than here in St. Louis. I love summer though and in the middle of winter I will be longing for these warm summer days.
I'm so excited as the new issue of Easy Wire 2012 will be released any day now. The digital edition is available right now on Interweave's website. There are some fabulous projects in included from some of my favorite designers such as Cindy Wimmer,Lori Anderson, Heather Powers, Kerry Bogert, Michelle Mach... well the list goes on. The designs are truly inspiring and the issue is full of inspiration and you will have a hard time trying to decide what creation to make first. The designs are supposed to be simple enough that even a beginner could make them but even the most novice can still appreciate and enjoy the design process. Plus, with summer always being such a crazy time, it is fun to have projects to make that are simple, fast, and fun.

I got a great surprise when one of my beady friends shot me a facebook note and email saying they saw that one of my bracelet's made the front cover. YIPPEE... Totally made my day. I'll be getting listings together on my Etsy store for most of the supplies if anyone is interested in making the cover bracelet or needing the beads for the other projects. Just a note though that the colors in the bracelet on the cover are saturated a tad more then in real life. It is more of a deep fuchsia pink vs a plum pink color.
There are six additional projects in the magazine that I was able to contribute.

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