Friday, July 27, 2012

New Head Pins...

I'm so excited. I just received a huge box of silver plated over iron head pins yesterday that I outsourced about a month ago. I think with the high cost of silver we have all been trying to find decent alternatives to silver and let's face it, silver plated over gold color brass doesn't cut it.

I have been starting to use a lot of steel wire, stainless steel head pins and iron jump rings in my jewelry designs. It makes for a fun cool look.  The stainless steel is a great alternative over silver plated over brass head pins but not quite as shiny and bright as regular silver. So having these silver plated over iron head pins is the next logical step in my progression.

I took 200 grit sand paper and rubbed off the finish on these new head pins. So much that they because flat instead of round. No gold color brass underneath. Just a slightly darker shade of silver. Not even hugely noticeable.

So what does that mean for us? That we now don't have to worry that these lovely jewels that we made with silver plated brass head pins will show wear and tear down the road bringing back an unhappy customer complaining about the finish wearing off.

So here are the details. You can purchase these over at my Tickle Me Beads Etsy Store. They are sold in packs of 150 for $5.75. But you will get more than 150 as I am including extras due to the fact that these came to me in plastic bags and most of them have curves or bends in them. They are easy to straighten out or if you are lazy like me, I just slide the bead over the curve and then wire wrap it up. But the extras will be included in case there are any annoyingly bent ones in the batch. 

They are 2" long and about a 20g in thickness. Which means that pearls won't fit through these holes. Even though they are slightly thicker, they are still pretty decent to manage to work with. I like the head  size. It is slightly larger which means you don't have to worry about beads sliding off the end. The photo above shows one of my lampwork beads that has a 1/16" size hole and works great with it. 

Below is a photo that shows a pack of the stainless steel head pins on the right hand side and then all of the other bags are the new silver over iron head pins. 

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