Friday, August 3, 2012

Cool Beading Cubby Idea

So I mentioned the other day that I found an old Pepsi create that was used years back to hold the glass bottle sodas at the Pink Elephant Antique Store. This has been the coolest find. Each cubby is a great size for holding bead stuff and keeping it at a close reach. I have plans to add some cool designs for decorations to it but that will have to wait a bit until things slow down.

So I've seen these creates on Etsy before. Just do a search for wooden soda create or coke create or pepsi create. Make sure they have all of the divider slats as there are a lot on there that are just an open box. Here is a link to one vintage soda create on Etsy. It is kind of pricey though as I have seen them in the $30 range often.

Oh and that stack of silicone cupcake liners are fabulous for beads. I use these almost everyday. Found them at the grocery store. What I like about them is that they are rubber and can be shaped and molded to pour beads (awesome for seed beads) into containers or stacked up with different beads inside. When I have a lot of beads to wire wrap, I always gather them up and put them in the cup. Perfect for staging projects in various stages of completion.

Well those are my few personal bead organizing tips for the night. Hope they peaked your interest.

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  1. Cool idea about those silicone cupcake holders! I bought some for the kidlet's fundraiser at school and have YET to use them!