Thursday, August 23, 2012

Copper Metal Clay beads and Glass Owls

Life is slowly getting back into a school routine and I think I have worked more in this past week than I have all summer. Which isn't a lot but it's getting there. The weather has been stunning in St. Louis this past week.

So as our thoughts turn to Fall, I thought I would make up another set of Owl beads to sell on Etsy. These are so cute and whimsical and totally make me happy when I look at them. They are available now.

And, I've had a chance to fire the copper clay beads that I made the other day. As with any new medium, there are always trials and tribulations. The toggles I'm still working on but these discs in the photo below were just listed on my Etsy Store and are available now.

So my trials have been with the toggles and then making a few of these 2 layer disc beads that Gail Crosman Moore taught us in her class. I thought the beads in the center supporting the top disc were pure copper. They were described that way but in fact they are not. After I polished them, it looks like they were brass with copper plating. They did not like the 1725 degree temps of the kiln and turned into these disgusting pitted and melted pieces. I had made 3 of these and every one turned out like this. Total bummer because they were cool up until that part. So now I have some real copper spacers and will give it another go when I get a chance.

And the toggles...well I made a bunch of metal clay copper toggle bars but realized after they were fired that they are just a hair too short which means that they can accidentally if they arrange themselves just right, slide out of the toggle and come undone. That would be bad for jewelry so now those are back the drawing board to be remade. I might just whip up some of the copper wire toggle bars for this batch.

It's all a creative process and I do enjoy learning and discovering new things. Keeps the juices flowing. I made a few new molds this morning from a nature walk with the dog so excited to see how those turn out. I have orders I need to work on though so it will be a few days before I try again.

AND.... don't forget that tomorrow is the third and final Bead Soup Party Blog reveal. Loads of great inspiration here. The next one won't be until January. Here is the link to Lori Anderson's Site that has the list of all 400 participants and links to their web sites. Scroll down to see the participants for the Third reveal to see all the new fresh and exciting creations.


  1. Your right Cassie those little owls make you feel HAPPY they are adorable.

  2. Oh the owls are sooooooo cute. They made me smile immediately!

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