Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Bronze Clay Class with Gail Crosman Moore

I was lucky enough to go on another adventure a month after Bead and Button and it was a blast.

While my fab buddy Joan Labue and I was shopping at Bead and Button and hanging out at Gail Crosman Moore's booth (which I won't mention that I bought more sequins while there. I think I now have more than her and you might have noticed that I don't use them in my designs but I have a fetish for them. They are soooo cool). We learned that she was teaching a bronze metal clay class at Fine Line Creative Arts Center in the Chicago area.

So after some juggling of schedules and getting the kids all lined up on both sides, we signed up for her class. We had so much fun.

I usually fly up to Chicago from St. Louis but the last time around left me so frustrated with the airlines and all the hassle that it involves that I decided just to drive the 6 hour trip. I was surprised how much fun I had driving by myself. I got to listen to what radio stations I wanted to, stop when I wanted to, and didn't have to entertain the kids. The drive was in the late afternoon and it was just beautiful outside.

The Fine Line is only about 20-30 min. from Joan's house. She is so lucky to have access to all the classes they offer. The place is so cool. Gail was so much fun and there were about 10 of us students in class.

These are the pendants that we made in class.

I walked out of class just thinking about textures and all that you could make with the clay. These focals are large. Maybe around 1 1/4" round. They are 2 layers and each layer is separated by copper rice beads. The one on the left side is made from a mold of a walnut. Go figure. I think the one on the right is a button but now I don't remember.

I didn't take loads of photos in class but while we were waiting for the kiln to fire these focals, I had some extra bronze clay and Joan and I made these and I fired them at home.

Just a random class photo. That is Gail in the Orange shirt.

Then Joan had snapped this photo of me when I was using the flex shaft to polish. I about cracked up when I saw it. Can you say Mr. Magoo?

It was a quick in and quick out trip. Only one full day there for class but I love Joan and it was so much fun to be able to take a class with her. She is so much fun. Speaking of fun, make sure to check out her etsy store Joan Labue Designs to find her great creations. I think I have about 15 if her awesome belt buckles. They are so cool.

So on the way to Chicago, I saw this antique store and I knew that I would so be stopping there on my drive home. How could all this stuff not catch your eye?

So I think the outside was way more fun than the inside. The antique store was an old school that had been converted. So yes, the name of the antique mall is The Pink Elephant.

Ice cream anyone?

So I must admit that the outside is way cooler than the inside. The place was jammed with stuff but for in the middle of no where, it was pricy and not a lot there was calling my name. But I did score on one item that I had been wanting for about a year. One of the old time wooden soda crates. I'm a Coca Cola girl but this one was an old Pepsi create. It has 24 cubbies that I turned on it's tall side and it's sitting on my beading desk as a storage place for whatever I desire. It actually works out awesome. When I get some spare time, I'm gonna bling it all out!! I'll have to share a photo later as I forgot to take one when writing this.


  1. Your talent is absolutely amazing, and how I would LOVE to visit that mall!

  2. I cant wait to see what you create with the bronze clay!! the pieces you made in class are awesome!

  3. Come back!! We have to play together again! Miss you! What a fun day.