Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Romantic Relic Frames

At the beginning of the summer which now seems like ages ago as I face the reality that the kids go back to school 1 week from today, I signed up for an on-line class with Riki Schumacher to take her class Romantic Relic Frames.

I was doing one of my random web searches that kept leading to different places from different sites and somehow stumbled onto the website for Artful Gathering Online Art Retreat. I had never heard of it before but it looks like it had been around for a few years. I was so impressed and loved seeing all the great instructors and class offerings available. When scrolling through the classes, I saw the coolest looking picture frames class that had me drooling. So I excitedly signed up for the class.

This was the first class on-line class that I had ever taken. It lasted for 6 weeks and you had full access to all of the videos upfront and then access to the instructor this entire time also. I'm so glad I did it. Riki was fabulous and her videos were top notch. I was so impressed with how involved she was and if you posted on the forum, she was there answering questions within minutes. When I had registered, even teachers from other classes took the time to send me a nice message welcoming me to Artful Gathering. It was all very impressive.

The only downside to taking an on-line class from my perspective is that I was a big procrastinator. This summer was so crazy busy that I felt like I was always playing catch up. So the last few nights before the session ended, I was busy finishing up my projects which was good that it had an ending otherwise I still wouldn't have had them completed!

So here is what I made in class. We started with a base of copper sheet and cut out the frames following a pattern. Then we flooded it with solder, soldered on rhinestone chain (which I never get very good it) and then gave it a patina finish and dolled it up all kinds of decors.

The first frame I made I tried to make more my own and reflect my personal work so I added lampwork and an enamel flowers. For the "glass" part we used mica sheet for it. I hadn't put the backs on these frames yet when I took the photos. This frame I ended up putting at The Porch where I sell my jewelry locally just with my personal info inside it.

This is the second frame I made and I have a confession that I still haven't made the back or the stand for it. It's sitting on my beading desk just begging me to complete it. After school is back in session, I will have a more consistent work schedule.


  1. Great job! Riki is a great artist, instructor and friend. Glad you enjoyed the class.


  2. These frames are just Gorgeous.

  3. That second one -- oh my! How in the world you do the amazing things you do never ceases to amaze me!