Friday, September 28, 2012

No Wonder...

Hmmm.... And I wonder why I can't feel productive and get some things done. How is a person supposed to work in this rats nest? It's a total disaster! You wouldn't know it but there are about 8 -10 separate projects in different stages within this small space.

Here's hoping that you have a way better more organized day. I better get this cleaned up as I just had a huge pow wow session last night with my oldest over his school binders being a disaster and being so disorganized that ended up with a trip to Office Depot to get him all structured up. Shhh..... don't tell him that the apple isn't falling far from the tree here. A few of those projects I'm excited about and can't wait to see completed. Now if I can only find my steel wire. I see myself playing Waldo in this photo looking for it. LOL.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

No more goal setting!

Well, so much for my previous post about trying to list more. That obviously did not happen. It was an epic fail as a matter of fact and I listed even less than I normally do.

So maybe I just better go back to my own pace that I can manage according to the chaos in my life.

All 3 boys started their swim team schedules a few weeks ago and with a husband that travels for weeks on end, I'm juggling 2 of my kids that swim in different pool locations 3 nights a week. One son that swims at (of course) different pools than the other 2 boys 5 nights a week, and then the other 2 boys have soccer practice one night a week (of course) on different nights and locations. So you do the math, my life is not my own and thank goodness for family and friends as hard as I try, I can not be 3 places at one time.

So these past few weeks has been a learning process for me to get the schedule down and figuring out the best way to attack it. When the boys get home at 2:30 then my life turns over to managing them. Then after I get them to bed, I'm exhausted and too tired to work like I used to do. So that isn't even happening. I think once the routine is established, I will have a better grasp and not feel like I'm spinning out of control.

So bare with me while I get my life in a more stable position.

In the mean time, to not look like a total louse.... I listed this set of beads on Etsy. I started the listing and then almost did a "No, My Precious" thing. But then I slapped my hand and told myself I could make me a duplicate set.

Stay tuned as I still need to shout out about Lori Anderson's newly released Bead Soup Book that I was fortunate enough to participate in.

There will be a blog hop with the participants of the book. My particular day is on October the 4th. And.....there will be a GIVE AWAY that day too. And... I already have it made and packaged up so you won't be subject to me being lame and not getting anything new made!

I plan on being back before then but wanted to give you a "SAVE THE DATE" call out so that you can join in on the fun!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Trying to list more often

Well, I just realized today that quarterly taxes are due in what? like 10 short days. I need to get my act together to pay my fair share. So... I've made it a goal to list at least 2 new things every day on my Etsy Store.

Plus, I am slowly starting to give my website some TLC. It needs tons of it as it has been ignored for too long. So that is my secondary goal. Lots of goals. I won't even go into all the other ones like doing laundry more often or better yet... at least putting away the folded clothes that have been sitting in laundry baskets for more than I care to admit. Or.... here is a really good one....trying to cut sugar out of my sugar hound life. That one needs a lot of help. I can't get away from the junk. I'm a coca cola gal and love drinking the stuff + chocolate + cookies + anything with sugar. I don't pick favorites. So my first day of this sugar free life (yesterday) involved me having the genius idea to make my boys a Gooey Butter Cake (It's a St. Louis thing) and something that tastes out of this world. The whole time I'm making it I'm thinking to myself that I'm such an awesome mother. Here I am making this wonderful treat for the boys for after they get home from school and I'm not going to eat any of it because I "don't do sugar" now. Well, I guess I don't have to spell out how that comment went over. Let's just say it tasted DELISH! That was yesterday and I can safely say that today it tasted just as good. Maybe tomorrow it will be too stale and won't taste good anymore. In the mean time, I'm sure I can come up with some other treat that my boys will say in return "You're the best cook in the whole wide world Mom." And I will say....."Too bad I can't eat this stuff since I don't do sugar anymore" and the vicious cycle will start again. Sigh.... Just say NO Cassie.

Now that I totally just derailed discussing my first and more important goal of being able to pay taxes... here are a few pics of items that I have recently listed on my Etsy store.

And These....

And this....

And these....

I'm sure there are more goodies in the shop that might float your boat. I'm finding it scary that more and more people are starting to talk about the holidays and getting geared up for the season. Wasn't it just summer yesterday?

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The winner is...

Just got all set up to do the drawing. Since it was a fun small group, I just wrote out each name on a piece of paper and did the old fashion drawing.

The winner of the copper toggles goes to Cassi. Congratulations Cassi. I find it funny that we have the same name but just missing the last letter of how I spell my name. LOL  So Cassi.... email me at with your address. Thank you everyone for participating.

This was fun and I'm finding that blogging on a hosting service is way easier than my old website and that makes me happy.

Happy means.... plan on give aways way more often.

I've got the makings of another batch of toggles started that have a smaller whole which will allow for the toggle bars I made to fit. I also ordered some silver clay to make a few silver toggles.

Coming shortly are a few new bracelets I'm listing on my Etsy store.

And I couldn't resist and had to turn one of those owl sets into a simple bracelet. The silver rings are just beaded silver wire that I made into a ring and soldered close. Then you take a hammer to flatten it. The torch turns the silver black which led to a perfect patina.

Hope everyone is having a nice Labor Day weekend. We are getting the rain remnants from Hurricane Issac and are getting some well needed rain for a 3 day prediction but it just stinks it has to be over the weekend. This is the last weekend the pools are open and we can't enjoy it. I'm so sad. Hoping Monday will be "the day".