Tuesday, September 25, 2012

No more goal setting!

Well, so much for my previous post about trying to list more. That obviously did not happen. It was an epic fail as a matter of fact and I listed even less than I normally do.

So maybe I just better go back to my own pace that I can manage according to the chaos in my life.

All 3 boys started their swim team schedules a few weeks ago and with a husband that travels for weeks on end, I'm juggling 2 of my kids that swim in different pool locations 3 nights a week. One son that swims at (of course) different pools than the other 2 boys 5 nights a week, and then the other 2 boys have soccer practice one night a week (of course) on different nights and locations. So you do the math, my life is not my own and thank goodness for family and friends as hard as I try, I can not be 3 places at one time.

So these past few weeks has been a learning process for me to get the schedule down and figuring out the best way to attack it. When the boys get home at 2:30 then my life turns over to managing them. Then after I get them to bed, I'm exhausted and too tired to work like I used to do. So that isn't even happening. I think once the routine is established, I will have a better grasp and not feel like I'm spinning out of control.

So bare with me while I get my life in a more stable position.

In the mean time, to not look like a total louse.... I listed this set of beads on Etsy. I started the listing and then almost did a "No, My Precious" thing. But then I slapped my hand and told myself I could make me a duplicate set.

Stay tuned as I still need to shout out about Lori Anderson's newly released Bead Soup Book that I was fortunate enough to participate in.

There will be a blog hop with the participants of the book. My particular day is on October the 4th. And.....there will be a GIVE AWAY that day too. And... I already have it made and packaged up so you won't be subject to me being lame and not getting anything new made!

I plan on being back before then but wanted to give you a "SAVE THE DATE" call out so that you can join in on the fun!


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  1. Love what you have done and created, plus the free give away is awesome. Hope I win.