Saturday, September 1, 2012

The winner is...

Just got all set up to do the drawing. Since it was a fun small group, I just wrote out each name on a piece of paper and did the old fashion drawing.

The winner of the copper toggles goes to Cassi. Congratulations Cassi. I find it funny that we have the same name but just missing the last letter of how I spell my name. LOL  So Cassi.... email me at with your address. Thank you everyone for participating.

This was fun and I'm finding that blogging on a hosting service is way easier than my old website and that makes me happy.

Happy means.... plan on give aways way more often.

I've got the makings of another batch of toggles started that have a smaller whole which will allow for the toggle bars I made to fit. I also ordered some silver clay to make a few silver toggles.

Coming shortly are a few new bracelets I'm listing on my Etsy store.

And I couldn't resist and had to turn one of those owl sets into a simple bracelet. The silver rings are just beaded silver wire that I made into a ring and soldered close. Then you take a hammer to flatten it. The torch turns the silver black which led to a perfect patina.

Hope everyone is having a nice Labor Day weekend. We are getting the rain remnants from Hurricane Issac and are getting some well needed rain for a 3 day prediction but it just stinks it has to be over the weekend. This is the last weekend the pools are open and we can't enjoy it. I'm so sad. Hoping Monday will be "the day".


  1. Congratulations Cassi :)
    Those are awesome toggles.

  2. Wow!! I am so psyched!! I will email you with my address.