Thursday, October 25, 2012

A few new Goodies

Just listed a few new goodies on Etsy. Trying to get some new and fresh items available. Keep things spicy ya know. Still only getting those few hours of work but hubby was finally able to get back in town today. And I'm so happy as he will be here all next week too. I've gotta hand it to single parents as I often feel this is what family life has become for us these past several months. Hubby hasn't been home during the week for the past 7 weeks. It's been so long that I can't even remember when he was here for an entire week. It takes a huge weight off your shoulders knowing he is here and that makes me so happy:-) 

Artistically I feel like I'm in a huge slump and am getting by on bare minimum. I'm too tired and lazy to do anything that requires inspirational momentum and starting new projects that require mental jazziness seems too daunting. It isn't a fun place to be as an artist, but I realize there are many reasons that are contributing to this place and I'm just in a tuck and survival mode during this season. I am just kind of looking at this as a stage of hibernation and sometime next year I'll be out and ready to go. But having said all of that ...:-) our refrigerator died last week so I thought I would try to step up my work time the best I could to help get a new one. Hubby was hesitant to let me go buy one on my own because as he put it "I'm afraid you will go out and buy a Cadillac." He knows me well. I teased him as I texted and said I found the perfect fridge that has a built in TV and stereo with Bose speakers and I was so excited and bought it. I almost said it had a built in iPad but then I knew he would know I was joking. So he texted back and just said "I hope you are joking".  Then he mentioned that it sounded like I was looking for an iFridge. I would so buy one of those if they were available! But since living out of coolers for a week wasn't really an option, I had to shop for the fridge that I could have delivered in the shortest amount of time. 

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