Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

A few weekends ago, hubby and Keegan trimmed the house and yard with lights. Usually it is just hubby that does it all, but Keegan graduated into being a helper for Randy. Man, my boys are growing up fast. Scary Fast.

Crazy St. Louis weather. It has been so mild until a few days ago. Crazy to think that early December and my kids are outside in shorts!

We have all been begging for Snow Flakes to get us in the Christmas spirit but zero luck yet.

On the same day as hanging the lights, we also trimmed the tree and brought home a new couch. I laughed and told Randy that this was going to be our Christmas card this year. And since I haven't had the chance to get the boys together I'm getting worried I might have been right. Just say "no" Cassie.

Hoping everyone has been able to enjoy the season so far. For those of you that have snow, please send a few flakes my way pretty please!


  1. The temps have been mild here too, but not mild enough for shorts. I would love to see some snow as well. That's when I bring out my snowman dishes and goblets and make a nice supper (as apposed to the usual tacos, spaghetti, etc.)

    I love your new couch photo and bet you could jazz it up holiday style with some editing. It would be a photo that everyone remembers....

    I hope your Christmas is merry and bright.

  2. No snow here either, and I'm way north of you.

    You guys have such a fabulous porch! And those are some cute boys :-)