Thursday, January 3, 2013

Getting Ready for the New Year with a SALE

Well, the holiday break is over and the kiddes went back to school today. It wasn't a happy household this morning. My 13 year old pointed out this morning that he is getting 4 hours less sleep than he did on break because he is waking up at 6:20 vs. the 10:30 time he had been sleeping till. Yikes, that is a lot less sleep.

We had a very nice holiday well some well needed downtime. It was a really rough month though as hubby was gone traveling for 2 1/2 weeks straight for work. He got home a few days before Christmas and then on Dec. 26th, had to turn around and leave again for 5 more days. This has been a nice week as he has been in town all week and tomorrow is his birthday so we shall spend the day doing fun things in honor of his special day.

Christmas day was a splendid day and I can safely say it was one of the kids bestest Christmas's. That would be thanks to my parents who bestowed on all the grand kids a one time glorious gift of Apple products that have the work mini in it. I think everyone around us was wanting my parents for grandparents this year. It was great as my Mom wrapped up each gift in a different size box so that the kids wouldn't know they were getting the same gifts and then had them open them one at a time. Although, a few were slightly different as my oldest son got a lap top instead and my nephew got an iTouch and $ which is what they both were really wanting.

There was a lot of this expression going around my parents house Christmas afternoon. I just noticed the chairs behind Caiden that have our bags on them. This is such a cool idea and I can't believe I don't have a better photo of them. This is my mother's version of a stocking for us all. She made these darling bags several years ago and stitched our names on each bag. Then as you can see, they hang from chairs that are usually sitting around the dining room table. And then after dinner or whenever we are all ready, we all sit down and open our individual bag to get great stocking stuffer treats. She even does us big kids. It is such a great tradition that we all love.

Life has been so crazy these past several months with hubby traveling almost every week that by the time the school break came, I found myself just releasing and finally catching up on some well needed rest. The kids occupied all the rooms of the house with their video games and cartoons, so I would end up hanging out on our bed just watching TV and relaxing. It was starting to become a joke with hubby that this was the only place he could find me. I couldn't help myself. It was a total recuperating period from being on high alert for so long that I could feel my body just needing to let go and relax and enjoy the fact that there was no homework, school to get the kids ready for, a shortened swim practice schedule that was in the day and our evenings free with no commitments. It was GRAND. We did't even do anything on New Years Eve except relax at home and it was the best night ever. The boys are into playing poker right now so we have had a lot of card games going on in the house.

So now I'm feeling a bit more invigorated and ready to start the new year out fresh. I just ordered a lot of super duper really cool beads for my store and Tickle Me Beads Etsy Store. I am so excited about them and want to give these sites some more attention this year.

So, to make room for the new goodies, I'm having a I LOVE BEADS sale on both of my Tickle Me Beads sites. 20% off your total purchase. Just enter in the coupon code slot "BEADLOVE" .  I think it might need to be in all capitals with no spaces. If you have any troubles, just give me a shout. The links to the sites are in the paragraph above.

Hope you all had a wonderful New Year's and are feeling inspired by having a new slate to get creative on.

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