Friday, January 18, 2013

One year older

Yep, I had the pleasure of celebrating a birthday this week. Not that I like to shout and cheer in celebration of growing one year older but I most certainly appreciate all of the extra special attention.

I got the bestest gift from hubby. It's simple but exactly what I was telling him all week that I wanted. I'm laughing as I type this because I must be getting old as I get excited about feeding the birds. My bird feeder finally broke and I was wanting a new one. My poor birds weren't getting fed. I just love looking out the window to watch them. I especially love the red cardinals.

But over the years I have battled the squirrels and feel like I was feeding them more than the birds. They became my arch nemesis and went out of their way to taunt me over eating all of my bird seed. They would look at me and laugh. Just stare when I would open the door to try and shoo them away.

That was until a few days ago. Hubby got me a new bird feeder that when squirrels crawl on it, the outer cage moves down and blocks the food opening. That didn't stop the squirrels in the past though. They would just hang upside down on the tree limb to get at the food. But hubby got me this saucer disc that is large and fits over the top of the bird feeder. It is wobbly and it totally prevents the squirrels from having access to the feeder. I had no idea these were even available. It works perfectly !!!!

Don't worry, the squirrels still get lots of food. They just have to get it on the ground and not from the feeder.

I've been busy listing lots of new Czech glass beads over at both and also at my Tickle Me Beads Etsy Store. These beads are high quality and fabulous. I'm so excited about them. But of course, it takes forever to list these darn beads and I'm maybe about 1/4 of the way through of listing them. So keep checking back. I still have lots that are my favorites and haven't listed them yet.

Valentines is right around the corner and I Love heart beads. So I just listed these red enamel hearts on my Cassie Donlen Etsy Store. I also have a few lampwork hearts listed over there too.

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