Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Shops are Going on Vacation. Whoo Hoo...

Well, once again I couldn't remember my password to post here. LOL.... Yes, I'm a goober that seriously needs to get her game on and start posting more often again.

Just wanted to give a heads up that Thursday late afternoon, both Etsy stores are hitting the vacation mode until March 25. If you need anything before then, please get jiggy and order up. I can't put the and the stores on vacation mode so anything ordered from there will not ship until March 25th also.

I haven't been overly productive in the beading production world as life has been hectic behind the scenes with family stuff but I am getting excited about a fun opportunity that is coming up next month and I have made some super cool projects that I can't wait to share.

In memory of my childhood, I visited our local Ben Franklin store and raided the penny candy isle which is now more of a 7 - 30 cents and higher isle to get the kiddies some fun candy car treats. I could've gone hog wild which I recoiling recalled during this same trip a few years ago. I had the 3 boys with me and we spent over $30 on candy back then. It doesn't seem that expensive until you take each kids little basket and multiply the cost by 3 of them. This year I went alone and will surprise them with their treats. Plus it is safe to say that I was much more frugal this time around.

Do you guys still have these old Ben Franklin stores around you? I remember riding my bicycle about 4 miles to the local drug store that had a great candy isle. I always liked the gum cigarettes that when you puffed on them it blew out smoke which was really just powder and the little candy lipstick tubes. I also loved the long flat Jolly Rancher bars in the cherry flavor. I can never find those anymore.

Each side of the isle is loaded with the more old fashioned themed candy. I was shaking my head as I can tell I'm "such a mom" and kept looking at all the chewy gunk or even the Boston baked beans candy thinking that will rip their teeth out.

Speaking of being such a "mom".  I hit a new low last week as I was driving in the car with my 14 year old who was sitting right next to me. The Thrift Shop song was on the radio. I love this song and it makes me just start bobbing my head along with the beat. Apparently I was also tapping my hand on my leg and Keegan had the nerve to look at me laughing and tell me that "I am such a mom". Not that that is a bad thing, but when you are trying to be cool and in the moment, it is a total Debbie Downer. Of course I had to remind him at one time I was cool and hip and trendy before kids. And I thought I was one of the "cool" moms. Sigh, I guess you can never be cool in your teen child's eyes, but he did have the nerve to say that "Dad is cool".  Don't worry. I made him pay for his comment:-).