Wednesday, April 17, 2013

An incredible Adventure

I had the bestest adventure last week. I know bestest isn't a word but it seems to describe it perfectly.

I will give more exact details towards the end of May - early June. But I had the opportunity to fly out to Colorado to the Interweave Studios office and shoot a jewelry making DVD. I was beyond giddy with excitement and.... scared out of my wits that I will come across as a complete and total goof on film. I'm still holding my fingers crossed that fear doesn't come true. 

I had the opportunity to meet and work with some of the best caliper highest quality people imaginable. Every single person I have ever come across with Interweave Press has always been amazing. I have often wondered how they are able to recruit and retain such incredible people. So I was supposed to fly out on Tuesday and return to St. Louis on Thursday. Monday morning I get an email saying there is a big storm headed to Denver and they are afraid I won't be able to get to the airport on Tuesday. So in a complete and utter whirlwind, I jump through hoops and reschedule things, get the kids lined up, hubby in the loop and rebook to fly out that evening. I'm at the airport and the flight is delayed of course due to a late inbound plane. Then about 15 min before we are supposed to board, they make the announcement that the flight is canceled because of the high winds and storm that has arrived early in Denver. So that was when I hung my head low and strolled back to the shuttle to go to my car as I was defeated by the weather.

I rescheduled the flight for Wednesday with a shoot date of Thursday. It felt like it took me several days to get there but once I arrived, life was great and I was so happy to be in Colorado. I met a lot of people that I only knew by name or had limited email contact. Gotta say that was a true highlight. The office is in Loveland, CO which is a wonderful small town. Their downtown area is beyond quaint. There are tons of local small business and restaurants. The coffee shop had the best atmosphere, and I loved how it was all independent with no chains stores/restaurants in the area. 

I felt like a teeny tiny star as I'm just an ant making a video out in some far land. Having my make up personally done that morning was a real treat. I wanted to pack her up and take her home with me. This is a pic of Corey and I right after she did my make up. 

Here is a pic of part of the studio. 

I just wanted to wet your whistle and give a head's up so that when the video is actually ready to be released, there will be some advanced curiosity. I have to admit that I'm beyond thrilled with the topic and would have jumped at a chance to buy this particular topic when I was wanting to learn. I had to go to the local college to take classes and now you will be able to sit at home in your pj's and learn the same thing!!! So stay tuned for all the juicy details. As nothing is definite until it has been released. I don't want to reveal too much on the off chance that some catastrophe would come to light and it is never released. Wouldn't that just stink?

On another note, it looks like the Bead Soup 3rd reveal has been pushed back another week for the following Saturday, April 27th which is probably a good thing as I still have to finish my creation.

I did a small shop update on my Cassie Donlen Etsy Store today. Personal life has been so crazy behind the scenes that I haven't been able to give a lot of attention to my web stores. There is a tiny break in the chaos so I'm trying to take advantage of this time and get some new beads and jewels listed and to make a presence back into the beading world. Wish me luck!!

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