Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Spring

Hope everyone is finally starting to get some warm weather. We came home from Spring Break and then 2 day later got about 13" of snow.  The kids got a snow day on Monday. Which seems strange adding on a snow day to the kids spring break get away. But, I wasn't complaining.

We spent the week with my parents in Orlando. We ventured over to a new beach area in St. Petersburg for the first time. Fell in love with this area. It reminded me a lot of Destin. We found a lot of sea life and even animal life that the kids really enjoyed.

We were hoping to find shark teeth on the beach but instead found a dead shark with a tiny mouth of teeth. The boys thought it was so cool. We walked down to end tip of the beach that was pretty secluded and found all kinds of neat things. Including star fish, sand dollars, and pretty birds.

 We spent St. Patricks Day at Downtown Disney. That was a party area with live bands, beads, and of course included celebrating with green beer at Raglan Road.


The Bead Soup 3rd reveal has been delayed by one week so the reveal for the 3rd group (which is the one I am participating in will be on Saturday, April 20.

Here are some photos of the soup that my partner Jessica Klaaren sent me. Love the colors. The focal bead is huge. I am still in the process of designing. I started in one direction but didn't like it so I'm back to the drawing board.

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