Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring brings new Lime Yellow Color

Well, at least it is supposed to be Spring. I know a lot of us throughout the US are still getting snow this late in the season. Here is St. Louis, we keep going back and forth too. Tonight is is supposed to dip back down into the 30's with a chance of snow flurries. But the trees are in full bloom and we have some beautiful tulips in the front yard. So I'm not complaining loudly but it does put the vision of a nice sweet ride down the local pool's lazy river further down in my minds eye.

I just listed on my Etsy store a new color choice for the enamel flower toggles. A  yellow lime color. More yellow with beautiful tints of lime around the edges.

Today is the day I told myself that I'm going to work on my Bead Soup creation. The new reveal date is this Saturday and I've procrastinated long enough. The extra time was helpful to help think about what I want to create. I think I have a plan. Wish me luck!

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