Friday, August 30, 2013

Harry Potter and the trip to Warner Brother Studios in London

Yea, I admit it... I'm a huge Harry Potter Fan. I was going through photos of our trip to Europe in July and meant to post London pics but got side tracked with our trip out to the Warner Brother Studios to tour. If you are not a Harry Potter fan this will be a super boring post:-)

My middle child and I ended up having a grand fill of Harry Potter on the trip. We rented an apartment in Piccadilly Circus which was a fab location. It was just a few blocks away from the Theater district. Which just so happened to have Daniel Radcliffe in a theater production of The Cripple of Inishmaan playing while we were there. We had no plans to see any shows but knowing that Harry Potter (yes, he will always be called that by us) was right where we were was just too tempting. So Connor and I bought tickets and saw his performance. The theater was pretty nice and a small size which meant that we were very close to the stage. The play was actually pretty decent too. They had huge irish accents and I was worried we wouldn't be able to understand a word they were saying but after about 15 min it was easier to figure out the dialogue. It was a great mother son bonding moment.

After the show, we wandered outside to the back of the theater and saw a huge crowd standing at the stage doors. It took us about 1 second to realize that we might be able to see the actors leave the theater. So Connor and I of course were all over this opp to maybe get his autograph. Boo hoo no luck getting an autograph or shaking his hand but we did get to stand maybe 4-5 feet away from him. I got him on video barely as he is really short and hard to see over the crowds.

That was certainly an unexpected treat but then a few days later we took the train to the Warner Brothers Studio to tour the lot where they filmed a lot of the Harry Potter films. I swear I think I was walking around with my mouth open most of the time just soaking it all in. There was so much to look at and see from all the movies. This was a taxi that was in downtown London.

 This is the Great Hall. It was amazing.

Another shot of the Great Hall

Of course any other Harry Potter Fan would remember this house!

One of the actual addressed envelopes used in the movie.

Here is the Knight Bus. I never mentioned it but Caiden hates the Harry Potter movies so this wasn't an overly exciting trip for him but he insisted he have his picture taken on the Knight Bus. He just wanted to learned to talk with a British accent. LOL

This was the inside of the Knight Bus

So this is The Hogwarts Bridge. What was interesting is that there was only this one section and the rest of the bridge you see in the movies is computer animated. It's so cool to think we were standing right where all the actors were standing.

Look in the background on the right hand side and you can see the actual chess pieces that were used in the Sorcerers Stone movie

Inside Hagrid's Hut

Harry's Invisibility Cloak

Snape's Potions Class

Ron Weasley's bed. Notice the RW on his suitcase? Harry's bed is the one behind it. They said as the movies went on, the boys got too big for the beds and had to curl up to fit on them.

Gryffindor Common Room

Another shot of the common room.

Here are some of the props. Dobby the House Elf is back there. The book of Monster's and the enlarged hands from Dudley's aunt Marge when Harry blew her up.

This is the inside of the Book of Monsters.

This room is the final place you go before the tour ends. It is a model of Hogwarts and the grounds. Anytime you see an outside  aerial shot of Hogwarts this is actually what you see. The model is actually 2 floors and when you walk around the room you see different views. It was incredible. 

Another view

Well I hope I didn't bore you too much with all of my pics. I have more but will stop there.

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  1. Was it truly that quiet and uncrowded? I would have thought otherwise! I'd love to take that trip. Sounds wonderful.